Tipsy Tuesday – Stop Pinning & Start Doing!


Pinterest has become a search engine all its own because we’re all so addicted to going down the Rabbit Hole of pinning, pinning and more pinning! It’s all fine and dandy to have all of our pretty boards to gaze at while our eyes glaze over staring at all the shiny things, but what happens after we shut down our devices? How many projects have you actually completed based on one of your pins? Probably none.

Today’s tip is to take a project from one of your MANY Pinterest boards and actually get it done! It can be a brand new recipe, an organizational technique, a craft project, a holiday card, a piece of home decor, a restoration project – whatever it is, just make it happen!

Once you complete it, post a link in the comments below. I’d love to see you take a pin to a completed project! Have fun and get it done!

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