Tipsy Tuesday – Organizing Your Projects



All month long, I’ve been leading the Organization Challenge in the Our Happy Scrappin’ Place Facebook group. This week is all about organizing all of your kits and half-done projects. Yes, this another HARD one for all of us! We all have those kits that started in fun classes, but never finished. Now is the time to get them out and get them done!

Here are some basic tips to get you started:

1) First, decide what you’re going to organize or complete first.
2) Get all the pieces needed to complete a kit so that it becomes just a “grab & go” process when you’re packing for an event.
3) Pull out all those half-done projects and organize them in the priority to get them done the quickest.
4) Take at least 15 minutes each day this week to work on your projects. Remember – don’t let this overwhelm you!

Hope these tips help you to get started on organizing your kits & projects! Join the Our Happy Scrappin’ Place Facebook group to check out the past weeks of  the Organization Challenge. Join us!

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2 Replies to “Tipsy Tuesday – Organizing Your Projects”

  1. I switched to Project Life last year and now I’m fully a pocket scrapbooker, which means I’m now trying to organize all that 12×12 paper into sizes I can actually use! I need to spend an afternoon just cutting it all down to size and storing it with the rest of my PL cards.

    1. Wow, good for you! That’s quite a transition to make. Good luck with all of your paper cutting!

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