Interview with Jenny Penton

Interview with

Jenny Penton of Planner Perfect & Project Me

While watching blogging and personal development videos on Periscope, one of the people that I was following recommended that I watch a video by Jenny Penton. I had never heard of her before, so I clicked on her profile and saw that she was into planning. She’s a Life Planner Coach, a designer, a businesswoman and a homeschooling mother of EIGHT kids. WOW! I was really impressed at her drive and vision to help women be better at being themselves and reaching for their dreams. I knew that I had to interview her and get to know more about who she was and how she came to be such a visionary. Hope you all enjoy!


1) How did you get started in the planner world?

I’ve been a planner since I was first married. My mother was a life planner and I emulated her when I started my family. 

 2) Where did the idea for Planner Perfect come from?
I wrote an article for a homeschooling newsletter teaching women how to plan using my method and I ended the article, “It’s simply-Planner Perfect!”. It stuck. I started a blog shortly after and a line of planners with my method’s set-up.
3) How many planners do you personally own? Do you work in them every day?
I only use one planner for my life and encourage women to do the same. It is way too confusing to plan out of several planners. I created monthly plan books that are one month planners so you stay focused on your goals and daily life, one month at a time.
4) You’re a homeschooling mom of eight kids. How do you maintain the work/life balance?
Very intentionally. Striking a balance is a must if a mother is to follow her dreams too. Once I had the revelation that I was more than my role as mother, my life turned on its head giving me a whole new reason to live. I was so inspired and excited to find I didn’t have to shelve “me” anymore but could do both! Balance is found in making time to pursue yourself. Mornings are best for me as well as pockets of time I designate in my days. I rise hours earlier than my family to work on me and my dreams, giving me focus on my family throughout the day, giving me perfect balance.
5) Where does your inspiration for all of your beautiful designs come from?
Inspiration is found everywhere! I’ve been painting for a long time and a lot of my paintings are drawn from memories of my children family, such as my scarecrow print, I used for our fall festivals we did every year, or the tulips print I painted for my sister’s wedding. 
6) Can you tell us all about Project Me?
I created “Project Me” for women to unearth what is preventing them to dream. Through the years of teaching women to plan using the Planner Perfect Method, I found that women found it too difficult to set goals or dream. Women were drowning in their every day lives and didn’t know how to begin. “Project Me” is a reset button to get women prepared to live a life of purpose and intent and to write a better story. I do live videos in our group and there is a lot of inspiration there. Available in my store, too, is my wren journal for women to script their thoughts representing a woman’s ability to soar after working through the paradigm shift needed to find their purpose.
7) Why is personal development so important to you?
Personal development is important because you must work on “you” in order to be all you were created to be. Without this step, it’s impossible to fulfill your roles, well, or to succeed in your purpose. Your calling needs your gifts and talents and its purpose is to serve others. Your calling is realized when your character has been developed enough to handle it. “The best project you’ll ever work on is you.” Personal development must be top priority.
8) Besides planning and being a super busy mom, what do you like to do for fun?
I love cooking and baking, creating, planning and painting. I also love grabbing coffee with my girlfriends and dinner out with my husband. Fun is also found in my everyday life just living and learning with my children.
9) In what ways do you bring your faith into your planners? 
My faith is intertwined in my planners by how I plan. I dream big, I script details, and I align my plan with God’s word. “This is the day the Lord has made-I will rejoice and be glad!” I will script a different verse and God’s promise within my planning and it keeps me aligned and armed with knowledge needed to succeed in my plans and life!
10) What’s coming up next for Planner Perfect and Designs by Planner Perfect?
There will always be something new happening. Right now it’s a new line of paintings (TBA) as well as die cuts and stickers using my artwork. It’s pretty exciting for us to give you more fun ways to beautify your planners using the Planner Perfect plan books and method.
You can find all of Jenny’s beautiful designs and the whole Planner Perfect world of planners here! 
Check out Jenny’s blog and website here! She is truly amazing!
If you want to join in the fun of “Project Me”,  head over to her Facebook group! It’s a wonderful community to be a part of. I’m a member myself! Huge thanks to Jenny for taking some time to let us get to know her a little better and find out more about Planner Perfect.
 How will you write YOUR story?

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