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As most of us know, sometimes we just lose our mojo and our motivation to create flies out the window. Well, mine has been missing for a while now. So, I decided to go searching for inspiration and get some creative insight from those that I have admired from afar. Carla Conroy has been an inspiration to me in both the scrapbooking and planner world.

I first came across Carla Conroy in a Facebook Group called “Daybook Delights.” Her daily posts caught my eye and I just loved her style and her dedication to getting things done. Carla was posting her pocket scrapbooking layouts, as well as her planner pages. Her style was simple and clean, but also very refreshing to see her use new products and trends. I was excited when I contacted Carla to share her story and styles with us and she said yes!


In 2014,  Carla was introduced to pocket style scrapbooking through Project Life. She was hooked. It was a big difference from when she started back in 1999 using Creative Memories. Ever since 1999, focusing on documenting her memories has been important to Carla. She carries a camera (her iPhone or an actual camera) with her all the time. She develops her photos from Walgreens. She does have a Canon MG7520 printer, but sending them out works better for her. She takes advantage of the photo collage apps for different picture sizing.


In 2015, Carla was drawn to the planner world. She always had a planner, but NEVER thought she’d kick it up a notch by being so detailed in her planner…adding photos, colored pens, paint, fancy paper clips, clip binders etc. It has become fun and addicting to Carla. When she looks back in her planners from her younger years, she wrote barely anything (shrug). Out of the whole month,  she maybe would have written her work schedule.
Back then, Carla was familiar with a Franklin Covington or a Mead pocket size planner. Either one just had to be big enough to fit in her purse. She never thought she’d be reintroduced to planners. Carla has NINE planners! Yep, I said NINE. Side note…SHE DOES NOT HAVE A NINE PLANNER LIFESTYLE. LOL!
She has (2) Day Designer, (1) Sugar Paper, (2) Filofax, (2) Kate Spade, (1) Get To Work Book and (1) May Book.  All the planners were used for her daily functional use. If she wanted to carry her Get To Work Book planner today and her Kate Spade Wellesley tomorrow and flip to a certain day, the information would be the same. On Sundays,  she would update all of her planners. When she saw a planner and thought “CUTE, I want that”, she’d buy it. She told herself she would commit for one year and she did.


Out of the nine planners listed above, Carla only stayed with three going into 2016.  The May Book, the Get To Work Book and the Sugar Paper.  Going from 9 to 3 was a big change but she quickly got comfortable with it. She used those three again for her daily functional use. The May Book was carried in her purse and it’s where she wrote everything first then transferred to the others.
By June 2016,  she came across the Passion Planner on Instagram. They had them for $6. Carla said why not. She liked the monthly layout. Seeing it all at a glance worked for Carla.  She wasn’t a fan of either horizontal or vertical layouts. When she started to commit to the Passion Planner, the vertical layout grew on her.

Earlier in 2016,  Carla paid attention to various planner people she was following on social media to see their planners for the year. A few that she had seen, liked and bought were from Rifle Paper Co., Kikki.k,
Inkwell Press and Purposeful Planner. She updated in them, but not consistently. She was scrapbooking and memory keeping in them. They turned into her scrapbook planners where she had more photos in them than planner updating.
Carla has found that the planners that most catch her eye are black & white covered ones. She likes them to have an overall cover color theme. For her everyday planner , she carries the Passion Planner in her backpack. She has totally found planner peace with it. It’s her catch all and she updates her others from there.

Carla’s 2017 planners are the Passion Planner, the Kate Spade Wellesley, the Purposeful Planner and the Get To Work Book Planner. She’s committing to these four for the year. Carla’s advice to those just starting out in the planner world: “It’s ok to try various planners to find what you like. Look for what works best for YOU and your life.”

If you want to be inspired by Carla, here’s where you can find her:

Instagram: @carlaconroy & @carlascreativelive
Twitter: @Luvmycreations
Facebook group name: Carla’s Creative Life

Huge thanks to Carla for sparking some of my creativity to get back into my craft room!

6 Replies to “Inspiration from Carla Conroy”

  1. What a lovely post about Carla and her process. I am completely foreign to scrapbooking and long for the creativity needed to make a beautiful place for my family photos. I loved hearing about how she works and am so jealous of you awesome ladies. I too am a bit of a planner addict!

    1. Thanks so much! Scrapbooking is an amazing way to cherish your memories. Come join the creative madness!

  2. I had no idea there was so much depth to scrapbooking – just your descriptions of Carla’ s process makes it sound incredibly interesting! Glad you’re writing again!

    1. Thanks so much! It feels good to be blogging and creating again.

  3. Carla is an inspiration to so many of us in the crafting / planner world. Her enthusiasm for life is contagious and her ability to record that life in a way that is just “straight up Carla” is really amazing. Her honest and committed approach reminds us all not to be afraid to put down the details of our life now, so it’s there later for those who will value it. •JD•

    1. I wholeheartedly agree!

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