About Me


Hello! I’m Gina and I’m here to motivate and inspire scrapbookers and crafters of all ages and skill levels to get past those frustrating creative blocks and let their creative spirits soar! My scrapbooking days started in high school with those magnetic albums. Remember those? Cutting phrases out of magazines was all the journaling we needed back then, right? My passion for photography led me to create my California Scrappin’ blog back in 2010 and then my true scrapbooking journey began. I have attended numerous expos, crops, retreats, workshops and classes over the years and I absolutely love being able to pass on my knowledge to my fellow scrappers. What better way to share my passion with so many others than to create a site where you can learn to make scrapbooking your passion too!

Start with my blog for weekly tips, techniques and interviews from the experts of the scrapbooking industry. Wander through the ever-growing Resource Library for checklists, supply lists, my favorites and so much more!

No matter what skill level you are, scrapbooking can be easy. Stick with me and I’ll show you how!

Five Fun Facts About Me:
1) I played the flute in my junior high marching band.
2) I have asthma and I’ve hiked to the top of Yosemite Falls. Proud moment!
3) My favorite ice cream flavor is Rocky Road.
4) I love the game of baseball and I know how to keep score.
5) My favorite authors of all time are John Steinbeck and Jane Austen.











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